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Hey NG!

2008-05-04 01:00:47 by G0rd0

What's up everyone?

I'm G0rd0, but you can just call me Gordo. After spending some time messing around with FL Studio, I sent some of my music to my buddies who gave me a huge thumbs-up, one of them, a hardcore metal fan, really enjoyed the remakes of some of the Tales of Symphonia battle tunes I made, while the other, a laid-back "ilistentowhateveriwantto" type liked the distorted guitars I put into all of my submissions.

Basically, what I do is take these MIDIs of video-game themes and replace the mostly happy/jumpy instruments with hard/harsh metal instruments such as overdriven and really distorted guitars and powerful slap basses. When the songs are done, they feelings they give off is anywhere from hectic to calm, or from comical to heavy.

The first song I'm submitting is one of my favourites. Its the Ocean Theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. While its one of my favourite games, and has one of my favourite scores, I don't think I butchered it :P.

Thanks for tuning in, and expect more!

G0rd0 out.

Hey NG!


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