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Postage Round Two

2008-05-05 21:59:23 by G0rd0

Hey Everyone.

Sorry if you are trying to access my music, the mods are taking a bit longer than expected, but I'm sure its been busy around NG.

So, I'm rocking out to some more music I'm putting together, and I'm glad to say that its only gettin better!

Don't forget to rate and comment on the tunes!

G0rd0 out.


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2008-05-05 22:41:05

Good luck. What kind of music do you make?

(Updated ) G0rd0 responds:

as the pics say, I make Video Game music.
But I make them different than most. You could say I "Metalize" them.
(I specialize in Legend Of Zelda =D)

and thanks for the luck. =P