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2008-09-30 14:03:14 by G0rd0

Hello NG!

Its been a damn long time since I posted here!
I've pretty much given up on my Video Game Music Dreams and moved on to the real thing.
when I moved back into residence at the University a few guys and I grouped together and made a band.
We don't really have a name or anything, but we're pretty decent, or at least I think so.

If I can get my hands on a decent Recording Mic (without blowing too much cash), I'll be putting some of our stuff up on NG. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Keep enjoying my older stuff too and thanks for all the reviews and criticisms.
With any luck, I'll be throwing new stuff your way soon!

Enjoy. Rate. Review.

G0rd0 Out.


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2008-12-31 19:46:30

Hey. Just wanna say ur music rocks 2 the heavens. I really like wind waker stuff. keep it up, i say!

G0rd0 responds:

haha thanks. I'm trying to pump out some new music as fast as I can,
but between school and varsity sports and stuff I don't really have time to keep this up as much as I'd like.

I'm currently in a band, so when I do get the chance to put stuff on NG, it'll be a mix between the stuff I've got, and the stuff the band is doing. =D
G0rd0 Out.