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2009-03-10 17:45:32 by G0rd0

Well, my musical career has all but ended with all of the work I've been doing at school...
I play my guitar here and there at various Coffee Houses and get-togethers across campus, but nothing really big.
Not only that, but curling has pretty much taken over my life.
not that it's a problem, I love that sport.

If I find the time over the next few months I'll try to put something together. My roommate is attempting to get flash going so we'll see how that goes.

G0rd0 Out.


2008-09-30 14:03:14 by G0rd0

Hello NG!

Its been a damn long time since I posted here!
I've pretty much given up on my Video Game Music Dreams and moved on to the real thing.
when I moved back into residence at the University a few guys and I grouped together and made a band.
We don't really have a name or anything, but we're pretty decent, or at least I think so.

If I can get my hands on a decent Recording Mic (without blowing too much cash), I'll be putting some of our stuff up on NG. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Keep enjoying my older stuff too and thanks for all the reviews and criticisms.
With any luck, I'll be throwing new stuff your way soon!

Enjoy. Rate. Review.

G0rd0 Out.

More Music

2008-05-10 23:42:33 by G0rd0

Today, I've made more music, giving me about a month worth of music at 2 uploads a day.
Expect to hear more video game music.


G0rd0 Out.

Hello, Hello

2008-05-08 14:08:31 by G0rd0

Hey everyone,

Added two more songs blah blah blah :P

Today, someone PM'd me a review for Title/Credits - Windwaker.
Yeah, I know. Weird.
Here's what it said:

"the song was brutal. no need to give you a zero review, so I just saved you another zero. I could only listen to 30 seconds of it. 0/5"

So, while a song may seem sketchy for the first 30 seconds, it can always pick itself up in the end.
Please listen to the full song before rating.

Thanks, and keep tuning in,
G0rd0 Out.

Very Successful Day One!

2008-05-07 11:53:32 by G0rd0

Hi NG,

Before I say anything else, I want to thank all of those who listened, rated, and reviewed. It made day one exciting.
I'm hoping day two will continue to be just as exciting, with my two entries. I don't feel that these two songs are my best, but I'm going to put them in to see how the public takes them.

The First song I'm putting in is a remix of the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Theme. It orignally seemed like it was something hard to do, but turned out fairly well, and my buddy, (a huge Metroid fan) already has it on his iPod.

The Second song is Fatalize. Fatalize is probably the most popular battle theme in Tales Of Symphonia. It already had some distorted guitar in it, but I added more...(I think I might have overdone it a bit to tell you the truth)
~ps~ I edited the song. I feel its much better now.

Thanks again, keep tuning in, and keep those rates and reviews comin!

G0rd0 Out.

Back In Business!

2008-05-06 17:39:57 by G0rd0

Wooohooo! The Audio is in!!

I'll be updating the library regularly (one or two a day) to get my music out there.

Don't Forget to Rate and Review!

Thanks =D
G0rd0 Out.

Postage Round Two

2008-05-05 21:59:23 by G0rd0

Hey Everyone.

Sorry if you are trying to access my music, the mods are taking a bit longer than expected, but I'm sure its been busy around NG.

So, I'm rocking out to some more music I'm putting together, and I'm glad to say that its only gettin better!

Don't forget to rate and comment on the tunes!

G0rd0 out.

Hey NG!

2008-05-04 01:00:47 by G0rd0

What's up everyone?

I'm G0rd0, but you can just call me Gordo. After spending some time messing around with FL Studio, I sent some of my music to my buddies who gave me a huge thumbs-up, one of them, a hardcore metal fan, really enjoyed the remakes of some of the Tales of Symphonia battle tunes I made, while the other, a laid-back "ilistentowhateveriwantto" type liked the distorted guitars I put into all of my submissions.

Basically, what I do is take these MIDIs of video-game themes and replace the mostly happy/jumpy instruments with hard/harsh metal instruments such as overdriven and really distorted guitars and powerful slap basses. When the songs are done, they feelings they give off is anywhere from hectic to calm, or from comical to heavy.

The first song I'm submitting is one of my favourites. Its the Ocean Theme from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. While its one of my favourite games, and has one of my favourite scores, I don't think I butchered it :P.

Thanks for tuning in, and expect more!

G0rd0 out.

Hey NG!